Welkam to Solomon Islands KALSA

We the people…proud of the wisdom and the worthy customs of our ancestors,
mindful of our common and diverse heritage…Agree and Pledge that…we shall
cherish and promote the different cultural traditions within Solomon Islands
Constitution of Solomon Islands 1978


The Culture Department is one of the Agencies under the Ministry of Culture & Tourism. The Director is the Head of the Department and the staff team appointed by the Public Service Commission.

Our Vision

To ensure that the potential of the culture sector and the rich cultural diversity of Solomon Islands are valued, protected, promoted and fully appreciated.

Our Mission

To Support SI National development plans and provides cultural recognition as an essential component of the socioeconomic, political and spiritual development aspirations of Solomon Islands.


In all our dealings, the Culture division will strive to be guided by the following values:

Corporate Plan 2015-2019

Ministry of Culture & tourism, Culture Division Corporate Plan 2015 – 2019.  Download

Solomon Islands Nasinol Policy Framework blong KALSA

The Solomon Islands Nasinol Policy Framework for Culture.  Download

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The 6th Melanesian Arts Festival is Coming to Honiara in 2018.  It will be another opportunity for Solomon Islands to host its Melanesian wantoks to share, appreciate and promote their many cultures.

Delegation Information

The Inamauri Panpipers of Are’are at the Melanesian Arts Festival in Papua New Guinea

Latest News

The Latest News and updates about the upcoming 6th Melanesian Festival of Arts and Culture to be held in Honiara, Solomon Islands.  Read More

History of the Festival

Learn more about the vision of the MSG to hold the Meanesian Festival of Arts and Culture every three years as well as the history of the MFAC.  Read More

SI Preparations for the MFAC

The Melanesian Festival of Arts and Culture is coming to Honiara and the SIG through the MCT is gearing up to host the Melanesia Art & Culture in 2018.  Read More

The Renga Festival

The Renga Festival is an annual Cultural Festival on Ulawa Island, Makira and Ulawa Province.

Our Youtube Channel

The 12th Festival of Pacific Arts, Honiara - 2012

In 2012 Solomon Islands hosted the 12th Festival of Pacific Arts in Honiara.

United Pacific

United Pacific – Festival of Pacific Art 2012 song, Solomon Islands

What We Do

Cultural Promotion

We continue to promote the many diverse cultures of the country through facilitation and participation in local, regional and international festivals.

Cultural Preservation

We coordinate, facilitate and encourage all indigenous cultures of the country to be passed on to the younger generation for preservation.

Cultural Tourism

Culture is the country’s strongest sector in its Tourism development and we provide a strong emphasis for the growth of cultural tourism.

World Heritage Sites

Cultural landscapes of archaeological and historical value form an integral part of the country’s rich historical heritage.

Cultural Preservation

Culture has been lost over the years notably from the marginalisation of our dwindling pool of elders who are repositories of traditional knowledge.

Cultural Authority

Establishing of a Cultural Authority will be the spring-board to rise the cultural sector of the country to the next level.

Renga Cultural Arts Festival

The Renga Cultural Festival is an initiative of the Mwadjo’a Community of Ulawa Island in collaboration with the Ministry of Culture and Tourism. The Festival hopes to preserve and conserve Ulawa culture but also contribute to the Tourism industry in the Province and country.

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Kodili Festival

Kodili Cultural Festival showcases the cultures of Isabel Province.  The Festival was launched last year and it will be the annual highlight of the cultures of the province.

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Areáre Festival

The East Areáre Community Festival was held at Maniaha Village in January 2014. It was a first ever festival of its kind to be held in the East Areáre region.

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Yam Festival

Yam is a root crop that holds very significant cultural value to the people of Small Malaita and the surrounding region of Areáre.  Last year a festival dedicated to showcase the many cultural values associated with this crop was successfully hosted.  This Festival will be annual event for the southern region.

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Ministry of Culture & Tourism

The Ministry of Culture & Tourism, Solomon Islands Government

Head Office

The Head Office of the Ministry of Culture & Tourism

Department of Tourism

The Department of Tourism of the Ministry of Culture & Tourism

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Hon. Parabolo

Andrew Nihopara
Permanent Secretary

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